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MFGA looking to expand 1 owner or 2 max

We have a dedicated league that sims about 10-15 times a day, has a daily text thread, and interacts a lot. Strong commitment! We play 9 seasons before we switch genres and formats. IF, this is .. Read More...

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Re: Re: RP warmups

11/24 pjrosen Random Chatter 5

As a former (bad) high school ballplayer who pitched out of the bullpen from time to time, iIt can take a long time to get an arm loose enough to pitch, and pitching on a cold arm is one of the riskie.. Read More...

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Re: Looking for a league

you joined my fantasy football league

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Re: College Baseball 2023!

thanks

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Re: dWar vs. D /-

11/23 jimgriddy Random Chatter 42

And it has slowed down! That new RP rule, games still took longer. Like 3 hr and 10 min I believe. Players are slowing down and there are too many pitches. More pitches in the strike zone would mean m.. Read More...

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Re: Re: A 3-Peat and a Special Thanks

My Quick Draft for Season 4 could not have gone better: 🤞🤞 🤞 Read More...

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College Baseball 2023!!

the reboot of college baseball 2022 6 teams open here are links to rules, homepage Read More...

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Re: Schedule Builder NEVER Works Ri

I'm glad I opened up a dialogue to something that could really benefit commishes/users moving forward.. Several of these suggestions would be godsends. Read More...

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Re: ROBINSON CANO the A hole

Robby has all the stats to be in the hall , but in the words of Yankee announcer John Sterling, his chances of making it , " It is high, it is far, it is GONE!! Robby in the hall , Cano way" Read More...

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Re: PC Questions

Thanks Guy, I appreciate the response, your answers make sense and in fairness, I really have no idea how difficult it is to write code and just picking an arbitrary number is not the best solution ei.. Read More...

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Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 8

11/20 dunroche Hoops Forum 6

I'm tellin' y'all , it's the " Baby Shark " of PC !! Read More...

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Re: what is the best potentials in orde

11/19 yankeebb Random Chatter 9

I think it’s more like 65%. As for U vs A, really depends what the stats are and what I’m wanting out of the player. If they are a high speed high OBP guy you want him as an A and just keep improving.. Read More...

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Re: SARMLB Award Ballots

(let's try this again)

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Re: Need 4 Owners

Still Need 4 Owners

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Re: mcdonalds should have a mike tr

11/18 jimgriddy Random Chatter 19

Mrbubbles, It appears you extensive knowledge of pop culture from many decades is wasted here. I do though appreciate it. So does Hal. Read More...

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Re: Still Need 2 ATG--Auto League 552

11/18 WorcWarr Random Chatter 5

I'm just trying to get my leagues filled that are close to filling but not on the Join Leagues list. I'd rather not have bots, I guess I should have said that we can bot if needed to fill to get the .. Read More...

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Re: Primary position - IF or 2b?

11/18 yankeebb Random Chatter 1

IF covers 1b 2b SS 3b so he can play them all equally. No need to change anything. Read More...

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Re: 2020 Relievers in Favorite Teams Le

Graterol not grateful

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Re: Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 7

11/17 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 4

Jaykuntz is correct! And then the "going out" song is the CBS basketball theme from the 80s. Read More...

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Re: Reds Available- offseason about to

Free Agency is really fun! =)