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Re: R Potential?

5/27 vipjoe7147 Hoops Forum 2

going to take a guess... either "Rockstar" because Guy was thinking of me when making the potential rating or the more common assumption... "Random"? Read More...

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Re: Auto League 1461 Random Players

League is Full,

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Re: Re: Steve Kerr

5/26 Nuroc Random Chatter 3

in other words: "Respect for steve kerr recognizing that some things in life are more important than basketball." The same could be said about the ready availability of slaughtering munitions that.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Addition request

5/25 bhicks42 Hoops Forum 7

Any plans for a “watch the sim” option for basketball? Read More...

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Re: Mobile App Update

5/25 MarkMcK Announcements 4

I can’t overstate what an improvement this is! So much faster and smooth…thank you! Read More...

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Re: Out of Position?

5/25 naplajoie Hoops Forum 1

I believe there is no defined numerical penalty built into the sim, as say with defensive rating in baseball. The "penalty" is in the context of the lineup, so the team as a whole would be "penalized.. Read More...

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2022 NBA League Opening

We are just a few owners short of launching our currently nameless 2022 NBA dynasty league. Check out the rules and shoot me a message if this looks like the league for you! Once we are full we will s.. Read More...

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Re: Hello , grammar police....

5/24 Spaniels Random Chatter 10

When a player is compared to a Hall of Famer, it is considered an honour. I do scoff when announcers describe an event as a historical achievement like getting 3 assists in the first period of a hock.. Read More...

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Re: RBIs in a season

5/24 ratchan Random Chatter 9

It's good that you've mellowed. Having a kid will do that. Still, I think you should seriously consider deleting Gu's account. He causes too much trouble around here. Read More...

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Secret Code Exposed

5/24 Bhgray Random Chatter 0

We all know about the secret lines of code that exist in Pennant Chase, such as stringing a bunch of injuries together (especially on Josh's team), coming back from 3-0 deficits, and ensuring superhum.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Full screen ads

Same here - still getting the one's across the bottom of my screen Windows/Chrome. Read More...

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Two leagues with vacancies

Hello Sportsfans! I have two league with some openings. Both are run in a similar fashion with seasonal additions of players particular to that year. Dirty Thirties in 1936 with the playoffs just a.. Read More...

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Re: real-life MLB scoring question

Figured it had something to do with the ghost runner thing - thanks for the replies :) Read More...

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Re: NBA Schedule

5/22 bhicks42 Hoops Forum 2

Making a 30 team schedule wouldn’t be a big deal. Even teams are pretty simple, just use the autogenerate feature. It’s not going to be true to real life but you can make it pretty life like. If you h.. Read More...

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Retired Players

Just some suggestions... Would love to see on the retired players page, the career compiled stats instead of the real stats before retirement. A row number would also be useful. For example, yo.. Read More...

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Tim Anderson

What a Joke, he refers to himself as the " Jackie Robinson of this Generation" and takes it as racist when Josh Donaldson calls him Jackie? Kinda like if a Ballplayer said "I am the Goat" and t.. Read More...

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Thank You Gbacci!

Thanks for the time stamp in the draft room chat box. Read More...

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Re: Re: Total site meltdown

5/21 bhicks42 Random Chatter 17

Yes that is correct gbacci. It’s on the browser. I like the app. Have had zero problems with it but I guess old habits die hard. When I pick up the phone I go to the browser. It’s just my natural reac.. Read More...

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The Nightmare is missing a victim!

Join us at Prairie of Nightmares!

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Re: Ad's

Well, it got sidetracked/hijacked - and I'm still having the problem with the "banner" ad at the bottom of the page !!! Read More...