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Re: Re: Perfect game ?

5/8 ayj88 Random Chatter 24

Sincity in my league a loss is -5 a win is 5 a save is 5 and a BS is 5, but each inning gets 3 points, so it balances out some of it. Read More...

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Re: Re: 29 Down, 1 to Go

thank you sir. my curiosity was killing me.

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Re: Wild (pitch) Walk Off 18 innings

Wow that’s crazy.

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Re: Defensive Substitution

Under Edit Lineup, Defensive Replacements, make sure Phelps is set to be able to be replaced and the bench 3B is set to be able to replace. Read More...

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needs 1 more owner to start season

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Re: Enough for a Team!

5/6 ayj88 Random Chatter 3

If Bob Watson played for the Dodgers, this is actually possible. Read More...

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Re: Weird no hitter trivia today

5/6 ayj88 Random Chatter 6

Reese Mcguire (AKA the dude who got caught beating it in a parking lot). Anyways, there's definitely times to take hacks, 2-0, 3-1 counts stuff like that. In this case its rediculous. Situational hitt.. Read More...

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Re: T C B

5/6 plpl512 Random Chatter 11

Good old Big Bad Bruins hockey at it's best! How can this not be entertaining! Educative, maybe not... but still plenty of fun to watch... I don't watch hockey to educate myself anyway... .. Read More...

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Two teams Available in 60 Game league

We're starting out 6th season. Join us in this 60 game season league modeled after the MLB 2020 season. San Francisco and Toronto available. Read More...

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Classic Rewind Opening

We have one opening, Kansas City. Real progression league, no contracts. Headed into the 1996 season. Message me for an invite Read More...

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Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 27

Another good topic! I have played around with this at times. Sometimes it worked and other times, not so much. It really depends on the combo of players on your roster. I usually do this when ther.. Read More...

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Re: Substitution question

5/5 gbacci Random Chatter 10

Thanks for the details this is helpful.

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Re: Re: Newbie advice

Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely draft differently in the future. I was focused on grabbing the best bats with a disregard for defense. I'm paying for that now and some of them arent hitting,.. Read More...

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5/4 ayj88 Random Chatter 0

Auto League, Marco Estrada, 6 starts 35 innings (almost 6 per start) and doesn't have a decision in ANY of them despite his ERA being very low thus far. Read More...

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Re: Had to share

5/4 ayj88 Random Chatter 1

Now, I would have to say that term is more applicable to the Astros (salty yankees fan here) but I don't want to start an all out war over the topic. Very funny story, however. Read More...

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Re: Simming vs Managing

Managing is only in Sandbox. The concept being, Custom Leagues are when all teams are CPU simmed, Sandbox was intended to be a single-player experience but you can also invite others to your sandbox. Read More...

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Re: Re: Leaving The Site

Well done. I wish you well.

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Now THIS is funny

Phil Masi was catching one day when Al Javery faced the Giants. The first three hitters all ripped hits on Javery's first pitch. Casey Stengel popped out of the dugout for a conference on the mound. .. Read More...

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Re: Importing Duplicates for All-St

Gus, reach out to me if you'd rather do this in a sandbox or separate private league, we have so many sitting around it would not be an issue. Read More...

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Re: Re: Question

Thank you! Yes, I did email you earlier today. Read More...