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Political Posts Warning

11/7 gbacci Announcements 2

This has been an emotional election on both sides. I want to remind people that posting political comments in public areas of this website IS NOT PERMITTED. I delete them as soon as I can, I don't alw.. Read More...

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SARMLB All-Star Ballots

AL: NL:

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Exporting Tables

10/22 gbacci Announcements 4

I get a lot of requests to export stats, so I've included a link at the top (or bottom) of stats tables with details on an easy way to import any table into Google Sheets. I am curious if this is help.. Read More...

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have to quit as commissioner

sorry to put this in this forum but i sent a message two weeks ago that i was having to give up being a commissioner in all leagues i run and im still commissioner and i cant quit the leagues.. i ne.. Read More...

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Reported draft room issue

10/3 gbacci Announcements 1

For those who reported the draft room issue in the chat box, I looked into the database and noticed the last two teams (managed by Borg and Sauer) were both set to slot #41, with no team in slot #40.... Read More...

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Baseball - 2020 stats

10/1 gbacci Announcements 22

Stats are in... custom leagues can start to use them, and this is an important step in helping me validate the stats are correct before we start using them in Auto Leagues. I usually wait about a week.. Read More...

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Progression added to Trans Log

9/29 gbacci Announcements 1

In discussions with some users, we've realized it would be *possible* for a commissioner to covertly progress their team more times than other teams, and it would be hard to detect. If a commissioner .. Read More...

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2020 Stats

9/28 gbacci Announcements 18

I am trying to block off time this week to work on stat imports... I realized I also have to do hoops (what have I done to myself, now TWO leagues to import!?). At any rate, I am hoping to have imp.. Read More...