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draft glitch

Several of our GMs, me included, are experiencing glitches with the supplemental draft where it is not correctly following our rankings. I've told folks to refresh their browser after they move the li.. Read More...

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Transaction log

I have a request. When you clear the game log, one of the boxes that is checked is to clear the transaction log. On my commish checklist, I have a note to uncheck that before submitting, but invariabl.. Read More...

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28 Team MLB Schedule (1993 - 1997)

Is any league currently using a 28 team MLB schedule? I was unable to find one, so I started building my own. It is taking a lot more time than I expected. Read More...

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Prayers not progressing?

Why would this happen? Player pitched in 51 games... Read More...

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Auto Lg FTeams 88

Guy, Can I have my Brewer's subs added? I was drafting, backed out, and the league fill msg went off before I could fill any of my Minors . I was literally in mid-draft. It's happened three times to.. Read More...