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Sim question regarding shooting penalty

I think I know the answer to this question but want to be clear on it. As an example I have SG Ricky Pierce whose Real Life stats average 20 mins/game. I have him scheduled to play 23 mins. Does h.. Read More...

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Win Shares

Do win shares play a role in the players performance? Read More...

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1/13 bhicks42 Hoops Forum 4

We’re going to have an opening in our historic NBA league. We’ve been running for a few seasons now and we’re planning for expansion teams. Let me know if you’re interested! Read More...

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Sim engine and Win shares

So I have a question about how much, if any, do win shares play a part in the sim engine? When I’m drafting players I’m looking at FG%, REB, STL, BLK, and TOV mostly. Obviously 3 pt% and difference b.. Read More...

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Shot share

I was wondering if a minus rating to match the plus ratings could be added. If I want one player in a wave to stop shooting so much I have to tweak 3 players. I would find it helpful to just decre.. Read More...

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player stats

Hi- the feature wherein players added to a ranked draft list are then highlighted on the free agent board is most helpful. Wondering if a similar feature could perhaps be implemented in the player st.. Read More...

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Help with substitution/waves

1/1 TheVinci Hoops Forum 5

Hello all. I have a query about the waves set up in basketball-land. I have the first and second quart set as 'always' because I want to establish some consistency in my division of minutes, but when.. Read More...

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PCHPGBL- 2 openings-new draft tonight

12/31 dalbpho8 Hoops Forum 0

if you are interested in trying out a different type of hardwood hoops league, we just expanded to 15 teams. great owners, new players and challenges to try out every season. Playground legendd, .. Read More...

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Basketball Suggestions for 2022

12/31 Bhgray Hoops Forum 4

Guy, I have thoroughly enjoyed the new basketball sim, and thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for new areas of opportunity in the new year, based on our experiences as users. I'll k.. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast 49 - Year End Awards

12/28 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 1

Dalbpho8 and bdavids28 do the 2021 Year-End Awards for PC Hoops. Thank you for listening. Read More...

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12/22 lordhawke Hoops Forum 3

Question...Do assists factor into the sim or are they just a result? Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast 48 - Season opener

12/16 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 0

Dalbpho8 and bdavids28 talk about what they learn from turning up certain attributes to cartoonish levels, and their Gimmick League season opener. Read More...

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Basketball Bulk Player Create

12/13 mcvn4 Hoops Forum 7

any chance this is something that can be added? if we wanted a non historical basketball league, its kind of tedious to create every single player from scratch Read More...

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League sign up

Just curious, in Playground you sign up for all time greats, best of century, etc. Then everyone who does gets placed in the same league until fills, then goes to the next one. In Hardwood it’s the sa.. Read More...