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So far....not sure what's going on

11/29 Sledwards Hoops Forum 3

Thought I drafted a solid team and understand it takes time to learn, but... 0-3 start and last game Bird 12 pts and 4 rebounds in 38 mimutes and Ewing 8 points and 3 rebounds in 36 minutes ? No w.. Read More...

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2 openings - Gimmick League-

11/27 dalbpho8 Hoops Forum 0

New draft starts monday 11/28 at 4 pm PST---this season no DWS over 5.0 and no steals over 3.0-- promises to be high scoring! Give us a try, quick 40 game seasons, Thx---join in public leagues,.. Read More...

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11/22 bhicks42 Hoops Forum 1

What does everyone think about training in basketball? Anything good, bad? Has it made a difference? Read More...

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Playing Beyond Minutes

11/3 mcvn4 Hoops Forum 5

i believe its been said that playing past minutes per game will detrimentally affect shooting percentage. will it also affect counting/rate stats such as rebounds, assists, turnovers, etc.? are player.. Read More...

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Perfect Season

11/1 twolvesfan Hoops Forum 10

Not to brag but through 59 games my Phoenix Suns have a perfect season going - Read More...

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10/8 Elroy Hoops Forum 3

Just had a game where the team total of minutes was 221 instead of 240. I counted it up and got 221. What happened to 19 minutes? Read More...

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Victor Wenbamyama

10/7 dalbpho8 Hoops Forum 3

Want a chance to coach/manage Victor Wenbamyama? we just added him to our player list in Gimmick league. just look for PCHGBL under join league/custom drafting new season sunday or early next week.. Read More...

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Red FGA - Basketball Question

10/7 Elroy Hoops Forum 4

My Labron James put up 25 shots and got the red FGA. The table said to be cautious or adjust. What can happen if I keep him at say 27% of shots. Does it cause injuries? Read More...