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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 20

2/26 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 0

An episode dedicated to dalbpho8's miracle run in an 80s league, led by Carey Scurry. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 19

2/17 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 2

bdavids28, dalbpho8. and Breuer_Elbows talk strategy in this episode...What can a high blocked shots player do for your team? Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 18

2/10 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 4 A topic by request: Jaykuntz18 doesn't draft Paul Pierce because of his unfair coverage as a commentator Are there any players you won'.. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 17

We go LIVE - sort of - to Dalbpho8's 90s draft. How did the first two rounds go, and what kind of predictions do we have for this league? Read More...

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Games Paused

1/29 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 0

I think games in at least a few leagues have been stuck since yesterday afternoon, as my three leagues didn't sim their latest games at their scheduled times. Thanks for looking into it - We need.. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 16

1/20 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 1 Bdavids28, Dalbpho8, and Breuer_Elbows talk about some of the exciting changes to PC Hoops that have been implemented within the past week. .. Read More...

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Biggest Blowout?

1/13 lordhawke Hoops Forum 0

This might be a fun topic. What's your biggest blowout you've been able to achieve? Maybe per player pool? I was able to pull off an 80-41 spanking in a 2000-2020 league. Box Score: https://www... Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 15

1/12 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 5

Breuer_Elbows, bdavids28, and dalbpho8, on which of the four leagues they believe to be the hardest, and easiest, in which to be successful. Read More...

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fg pct

had a game where i shot 40-47 anyone recall a better pct than . 851 Read More...