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Plus Minus

6/2 mcvn4 Hoops Forum 5

Would it be possible to see a Plus/Minus stat for on the court time? i feel like this can be very helpful in determining total impact of a player? i know there are many factors, but this could be a ve.. Read More...

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R Potential?

5/27 mcvn4 Hoops Forum 8

I just noticed some players with R potential in the basketball sim. i dont see it in the potential explanation page. what does it represent? Read More...

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Out of Position?

Not sure if anyone asked this before but is there a penalty when a player plays out of their position? Ex. PG plays SG, PF plays C? Read More...

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2022 NBA League Opening

We are just a few owners short of launching our currently nameless 2022 NBA dynasty league. Check out the rules and shoot me a message if this looks like the league for you! Once we are full we will s.. Read More...

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NBA Schedule

Is there a way to import irl NBA schedules at this time? Trying to set a schedule for a full 30 team league and I'm not seeing that option, as seen in baseball. Or if anyone has a 30 team schedule in .. Read More...

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Addition request

5/20 aoe2002 Hoops Forum 7

Any chance there could be some Offensive strategy setting that could be added like in baseball? The big one is a setting to adjust the amount of 3 point shots taken. I know if I draft guys with lowe.. Read More...