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Big Bash League

2009 Off Season

This is it! The last Season before the Reboot. If you have money should spend it all here cause it won't go with you in the reboot. Play like there is not tomorrow!

Draft is up and running. TEAMS only have 1 hour on the clock to make their pick. Clock pauses over night and resumes in the morning. Pay attention. DRAFT goes live on Friday 20th of May at 6pm CST.

Player Auction:
Post your bids in the chat box in the form of a signing bonus, like this....Nolan Ryan $20. Bidding starts now and completes on 18 May at an undetermined time. Players can be found on the Hold Team.

C Kelly Shoppach $107 Sharks
1B Gregg Jeffries $151 Dixons
2B Donnie Sadler $110 Reds
3B Mark Bellhorn $133 Vampires
SS Alex Rodriguez $150 Reds
OF Jackie Bradley $175 Indians
SP Wnk-Ki Hon $250 Choppers
SP Kim Kang-min $250 indians
RP Aroldis Chapman $224 Ravens
RP Andrew Miller $110 Indians

League Champions

1990 Nashville Sounds (Hitter)
1991 Hawkins DemoGorgons (buttermaker)
1992 Chicago Choppers (dniemerg)
1993 Chicago Choppers (dniemerg)
1994 Huntington Thundering Herd (bigredmachine90)
1995 Huntington Thundering Herd (bigredmachine90)
1996 Minnesota Twinkies (metsrock2011)
1997 Minnesota Twinkies (metsrock2011)
1998 Kalamazoo Clubbers (dexdumple)
1999 Idaho Incels (borg)
2000 Chicago Choppers (dniemerg)
2001 Chicago Choppers (dniemerg)
2002 Kalamazoo Clubbers (dexdumple)
2003 Kalamazoo Clubbers (dexdumple)
2004 Minnesota Twinkies (metsrock2011)
2005 Chicago Choppers (dniemerg)
2006 Springfield Isotopes (dexdumple)
2007 Kalamazoo Clubbers (dexdumple)
2008 Orlando Sharks (glory)

Traded Draft Picks

Sharks take Dawgs 2005 round 2 draft pick
Mongers take Spankees 2005 round 1 and 2 draft picks
Mongers take Dixon?s 2005 round 1 draft pick
911 takes Hooligans 2005 round 1 draft pick
911 takes Hooligans 2006 round 1 draft pick
Mongers take Stallions 2005 round 1 and 2 draft picks
Mongers take Bears 2006 Round 3 draft pick
911 takes Hooligans 2006 round 1 draft pick
Mongers take Stallions 2006 Round 1 and 3 draft picks
Indians take Twinkies 2006 round 1, 2 and 3 picks
Bears take Clubbers 2006 Round 1 and 3 draft picks
Bears take Dixons 2006 Round 1 and 2 draft picks
Bears take Hooligans 2007 Round 1 and 2 draft picks
Mongers take Bears 2007 Round 2 draft pick
Mongers take 911 2007 Round 2 draft pick
Spa lees take 911 2008 Round 1 and 2 draft picks
Clubbers take Spankees 2008 round 1 draft pick
Spankees take Clubbers 2009 Round 2 draft pick
Dixon's take Clubbers 2008 Round 3 and 4 draft picks
Mongers take Isotopes 2008 Round 2draft pick
Isotopes take 911 round 2 draft pick
Spankees take Isotopes round 1 draft pick
Dudgers take Hookigans round 2 and 4 picks
Spankees take hookigans round 3 draft oick
Dixon’s take clubbers round 3 draft pick
Dudgers take Clubbers round 4 and 5 draft pick

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4/7/2022All-Star Selectionsdniemerg
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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5/17/2022 Player Placed On Trade Block
Ender Inciarte placed on trade block by Vancouver Vampires
5/15/2022 Trade
Randy Johnson to Mason Dixons
Justin Verlander to Springfield Isotopes
5/13/2022 Progression Run
All Teams were progressed by dniemerg. Contact your commish for further details.
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Latest Public Board Post
5/20/2022Addition requestaoe2002
Any chance there could be some Offensive strategy setting that could be added like in baseball? The big one is a setting to adjust the amount of 3 point shots taken. I know if I draft guys with lower attempts this would adjust, but I think there should be a setting that allows us to have the percentage of 3's vs 2's to be increased, lowered or set as normal.

Maybe things like more aggressive Def. would cause more steals and blocks, but also create more open shots and fouls.

Just a thought. seems like there are far more setting in baseball and I get that, but I think there are a few things that could help make the basketball game a bit more on the owner to pick his style.

This is easy for me to say without knowing how to do it, so feel free to tell me good idea but NO. Or bad idea and no!!!!
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