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Season 2 Off Season Plans

Congratulations to hitter and his Atlanta Braves for being the League Champions of Season 1!

Progressions have been run. Minor League teams have had progressions run based on their budget allocations. Major League teams have had progression based on Potential. Traded Draft Picks were programmed. Once the 3pm deadline has passed I will start calculating available budgets and get that posted.

Friday 29th May 3pm CST Rosters will be cleared. Get your players signed before then. Any players not signed will be lost to free agency. Message Commissioner if you need rookie contracts placed so you don't lose your rookies in the minors.

Friday 29th May 4pm CST The 3 Round Rookie Draft will commence. Teams will have 4 hours on the clock and we will slow draft through the draft. Time will pause at 10pm CST each night and resume at 8am CST the following morning. You are still free to make your pick after 10pm but nobody will be penalized by losing time off their 4 hours on the clock.

Friday 5th June 3pm CST Free Agency bidding will open. This will run over 2 rounds. Each round will be 24 hours.
Round 1: Has a minimum bid of $50 total contract value. Only bids that are at least $50 total contract value will be accepted. Winning bids will be awarded at the end of the 24 hour period for the round.
Round 2: Has a minimum bid of $10 total contract value. Only bids that are at least $10 total contract value will be accepted. Winning bids will be awarded at the end of the 24 hour period for the round.

If a team wants players worth less than $10 they can pick them up when free agency opens to fill out their rosters.
*************Warning*************If you sign a tagged rookie in free agency he will not be eligible for a rookie deal or double progression (if your team has paid for that feature)

Sunday 7th June 3pm CST Free Agency will be turned on and teams can fill out their rosters. First come first served, so be on at that time.

Tigers, Rays, Mariners, Giants, Marlins, Rangers, Pirates, Rockies, Cardinals, Brewers, Bluejays, Astros, Phillies, Padres, Orioles, Mets, Angels, Nationals, Royals, Athletics, Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, WhiteSox, Diamondbacks, RedSox, Indians, Twins, Reds, Braves

Franchise Cash Positions (Recurring Budget/Total Budget with Saved Cash Added)
Diamondbacks 310/383, Angels 305/418, Astros 305/412, Athletics 305/380, Reds 310/394, Bluejays 300/449
Braves 315/346, Brewers 300/472, Rays 315/389, Cardinals 300/401, Padres 305/477, Indians 310/422
Cubs 305/435, Dodgers 300/374, Giants 300/382, Nationals 300/488, Pirates 300/454, Phillies 305/393
Rockies 300/428, WhiteSox 300/421, Mariners 300/401, Marlins 300/537, Mets 300/422, Orioles 300/383
Yankees 300/364, Rangers 300/406, RedSox 305/408, Royals 305/434, Tigers 300/392, Twins 305/404

When you send in your budget requests, tell me how much of your recurring budget for each team. Then tell me which team you want your excess cash on.

Affiliate Problems

Teams that have received a request to help their affiliate below:
If they are successful helping their affiliate they could earn 1-2 affiliate points.
12 teams are randomly chosen throughout each season.
Season 1:
Indians, Rays, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Tigers, Phillies, Astros, Braves, Nats, Cardinals, Athletics, Rangers

Traded Draft Picks (3 Rounds a season) Can trade up to 2 seasons in advance.

Nationals take Diamondbacks season 2 round 2 draft pick
Pirates take Cubs Season 2 round 1 draft pick
RedSox take Rays Season 2 3rd Round draft pick
Cardinals take Dodgers Season 2 2nd Round draft pick
Nationals take Athletics season 2 Round 1 and 2 draft pick
Cardinals take Athletics Season 3 Round 1 and 2 draft pick
Cardinals take Rockies Season 3 Round 1 draft pick

Current Scouting Opportunities (3 opportunities per season)

Rumor has it....
The 25 year old Dominican catcher signed with the Rays with a $45 million signing bonus.

Young SS from Mexico-Ruben Fernandez signed with the Dodgers with a $40 million signing bonus.

Teams that paid for scouting reports for season 1:
Twins, Dodgers, Rockies, Reds, Nationals, Rays, Braves, Mariners

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5/31/2020League creationvinsonmartin
Heya guys
First of all, i would like to send my congratulations to dniemerg for marking a amazing league. I love this league and being in it. Secondly, I have created a new league named MLB 2000 a new beginning. Since I am still new at the league, I will need some help creating the rule book. I already have the teams set up and the players ready to draft. Hope to see ya in my league, and I again thank dniemerg for making this cool league
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6/2/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
Hank Aguirre placed on trade block by Colorado Rockies
6/1/2020 Trade
Ted Gray to St. Louis Cardinals
Ray Burris to Memphis Redbirds
6/1/2020 Trade
Jackie Collum to St. Louis Cardinals
Darrell Evans to Memphis Redbirds
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6/2/2020 Fishy trades ?htennis
Eh, I disagree that fav teams should have trades turned off -- I've def flipped either Story or Tulo for a solid pitcher when I played with Rockies.

Obviously the lopsided trades suck, but they're the lesser of two evils
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