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The regular season has ended! Our playoff series will begin tomorrow!

EAST Matchups –
1️⃣ Philadelphia 76ers v. 8️⃣ New York Knicks
2️⃣ Chicago Bulls def. 7️⃣ Miami Heat 4-1
3️⃣ Toronto Raptors v. 6️⃣ Indiana Pacers
4️⃣ Detroit Pistons v. 5️⃣ Boston Celtics

WEST Matchups –
1️⃣ Houston Rockets def. 8️⃣ Golden State Warriors 4-1
2️⃣ San Antonio Spurs def. 7️⃣ Memphis Grizzlies 4-1
3️⃣ Los Angeles Lakers def. 6️⃣ Denver Nuggets 4-0
4️⃣ New Orleans Jazz def. 5️⃣ Phoenix Suns 4-1

Game 1: 12:00p PST 6/24 ✅
Game 2: 6:00p PST 6/24 ✅
Game 3: 8:00a PST 6/25 ✅
Game 4: 12:00p PST 6/25 ✅
Game 5: 4:00p PST 6/25 ✅
Game 6: 12:00p PST 6/26
Game 7: 4:00p PST 6/26 ***If necessary

Boston Celtics/Detroit Pistons v. Philadelphia 76ers/New York Knicks
Indiana Pacers/Toronto Raptors v. 2️⃣ Chicago Bulls

4️⃣ New Orleans Jazz v. 1️⃣ Houston Rockets
3️⃣ Los Angeles Lakers v. 2️⃣ San Antonio Spurs

Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:
Game 5:
Game 6:
Game 7:

Playoff Update

It looks like the regular season will wrap up this week and we'll walk right into the Postseason.

Round 1 will begin Friday June 24th at 12:00PM PST. Keep an eye out for the seeding and schedule!

Make sure to "Manage Contracts" on your team page to extend/sign players for next season.

Knicks fail to keep Dennis Rodman off the boards, but still hold on for win over 76ers

Rodman pulled down 11 defensive rebounds and 5 offensive rebounds in a losing effort. | Box

Kevin Garnett dominates the boards in Jazz blowout over Suns

Garnett pulled down 10 defensive rebounds and added 5 offensive boards in the 121-102 victory for the Jazz | Box

Rockets fail to stop Kevin Johnson from setting up his team, but still hold on for win over Warriors

Johnson tallied 12 assists in a losing effort. | Box

Tracy McGrady's 41 points not enough in narrow loss

McGrady scored 41 points on 14 of 23 shooting, but it wasn't enough to lift Memphis over San Antonio. The Spurs prevailed, 106-103 | Box

Pacers can't stop Brevin Knight from setting up his teammates

Knight recorded 12 assists in the 128-124 victory for the Raptors | Box

Leaders: ORB

M. Bennett, Mavericks 401
J. Williams, Nets 376
C. Barkley, 76ers 363
D. Rodman, 76ers 359
S. O'Neal, Bulls 298

Leaders: DRB

K. Garnett, Jazz 778
S. O'Neal, Bulls 727
G. Hill, Knicks 707
T. Duncan, Spurs 682
D. Rodman, 76ers 665

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