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Welcome to the Owner's Choice Baseball League.
When you join, choose your franchise. Only teams between 1960 and 2019 are eligible for import. You get two seasons. First is any year of your choice, then, take another year with a winning percentage of .550 or less. . You may change your seasons or take a different franchise at the beginning of each season. Please take time to review the the rules. If you have questions, please ask. Post your choices in the league chat.

Verlander baffles Dodgers, Colt .45's win

Justin Verlander struckout 9 Los Angleles batters in a 4-1 win for the Colt .45's. | Box

Bregman powers Colt .45's to win over Dodgers

Alex Bregman blasted 2 homers, lifting the Colt .45's to a 7-3 win over Los Angleles. Clayton Kershaw struckout 8 Houston batters in the contest. | Box

Jordan powers Cardinals to win over Indians

Brian Jordan blasted 2 homers, lifting the Cardinals to a 4-2 win over Cleveland. Corey Kluber struckout 12 St Louis batters in the contest. | Box

Stroman baffles Giants, Blue Jays win

Marcus Stroman struckout 8 San Francisco batters in a 6-3 win for the Blue Jays. | Box

Longoria powers Rays to win over Dodgers

Evan Longoria blasted 2 homers, lifting the Rays to a 13-2 win over Los Angleles. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

G. Sanchez, Yankees .3504 HR7 RBI
W. Mays, Giants .2503 HR4 RBI
J. Thome, Indians .2352 HR5 RBI
F. McGriff, Rays .3162 HR4 RBI
J. Ramirez, Indians .2922 HR3 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

C. Crawford, Rays 4 for 24 (.167)
T. Fernandez, Blue Jays 0 for 18 (.000)
L. Berkman, Colt .45's 1 for 19 (.053)
D. DeShields, Cardinals 1 for 19 (.053)
K. Seitzer, Indians 3 for 19 (.158)

Leaders: AVG

T. Turner, Expos .303
J. Altuve, Colt .45's .302
C. Delgado, Blue Jays .298
R. Thomas, Colt .45's .297
M. McGwire, Cardinals .296

Leaders: WHIP

C. Devenski, Colt .45's 1.08
R. Yarbrough, Rays 1.10
M. Bumgarner, Giants 1.10
C. Kluber, Indians 1.11
P. Martinez, Expos 1.12

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12/6/2021Expos @ MetsWatch  Box
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12/6/2021Yankees @ RaysWatch  Box
12/6/2021Dodgers @ HoustonWatch  Box
12/6/2021Cardinals @ IndiansWatch  Box
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Hideo Nomo dropped by Los Angleles Dodgers
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Todd Worrell dropped by Los Angleles Dodgers
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Dennys Reyes dropped by Los Angleles Dodgers
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12/6/2021 Home/Away Line upsgbacci
SCM yeah that's a good point - you're probably right then the back-end steals and steals against non-catchers balance out the teams that are trying to steal 3rd or ARE stealing against plus arms.... saying most people don't isn't necessarily true, remember there are a LOT of bot teams now, plus people who just don't change that setting.

Anyway, yeah, the big challenge here like we've discussed is that SB success rate just isn't a valid stat UNLESS we start restricting how often a player can steal. (And the argument that we don't do that with At Bats we've discussed before - it's not Apples to Apples....) So the guy who had a 67% rate on 14 attempts, that's fine, but then you're only going to be allowed to have him steal 14 times all season. Is that better? I don't know, I'm torn honestly. I think I've said before if I were rebuilding the sim from scratch I would probably build it that way, more akin to the real steal attempts by a player. A "PC 2.0" engine, that is probably how I'd do it. But even there, the problem is we don't manage the games, so we don't get to pick when we burn one of those 14 attempts.

BTW, I'd probably change at bat logic too... like if you had a guy who only batted 120 times in a season, once he goes over that, he starts getting penalized.

But again, these are things if I change them willy nilly, there would be a mutiny.
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