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Pedro's Change-up

Season 7

Hard to believe we will be rolling into season 7 soon enough. With last season slowing the league down drafting a full custom team, this season we will pick the pace back up like the league was intended.

Split it your way

Pick 2 teams; one from each league, that combined have no more than 184 wins. The team must be from 1962 or later and cannot be from a shortened season. In other words, the regulars season must have been 162 games.
Round 1 is your first choice. Round 2 is your second team. So be careful, someone could steal the team you were thinking and you would need to have a backup plan. When you send in your choice, please send in their win total from that year as well.

For this season, we will allow repeating franchises, but not within a 10 year span

Draft order (inverse for round 2)
1) Old Bobcat 1977 reds (88) 2014 A's
2) jimmccoy 2015 Astros (86) 2000 cards
3) ndecker 2021 Dodgers (106) 2001 rangers
4) Slashers 1968 O's (91) and 2001 giants (90)
5) Yoda 1997 Braves (101) 1990 Balt o's
6) Bobucker 2016 Cubs (103) 1997 Red Sox
7) new owner 1980 Expos(90 wins) and the 2016 Indians(94
8) Copp 2021 Phillies. (82) and 1995 M"s
9) Spaniels 2014 Braves (79) and 2009 Yankees
10) petrifried 2011 Boston (90) 2005 Astros
11) andrewclovell 1998 Astros (102) and 2008 Dbacks
12) Jumping 2017 Nationals (101) 2012 Tigers

Season 6 Play-off Parings

1970' Championships Seating
1. Arizona Diamondbacks
2. Toronto Blue Jay
3. Cincinnati Revolutionaries
4. Baxter Whiz Kids
2000 Championship Seating
1. Slashers
2. Jedi
3. Sluggers
4. Dukes


Season is underway, 2000's seem to be dominating... Preview of next season is posted, draft order to follow... who will have the 1st overall pick this time around!?... McCovey is off to a blistering hot start, pacing league in OPS and RBI's...

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