Ridin’ the 70’s out

Playoffs start Tonight 8 pm pst

Snowman and his Volunteers ran away with the regular season title!! Congrats!! Now time to see if they can buck the trend and get the playoff title! Volunteer center Bob McAdoo takes the MVP honors.

All stars get third seed - tie in head to head, so it goes to power ranking
three way tie for 5th seed--
5 seed -Madmen- higher power ranking of the 3
6 seed -Celtics- head to head tie with squires, higher power ranking
7 seed - Squires

1 seed Volunteers BYE
5 seed Madmen @ 4 Seed Floyd
6 seed Celtics @ 3 Seed All- Stars
7 seed Squires @ 2 Seed Condors


As our country celebrated it's 200th birthday, some of us were spending way too much money on albums and stereos...here is a partial list of the top rock albums dominating my turntable that year...got any favorites form this era?

Frampton Comes Alive!
Ted Nugent - Free for All
Aerosmith- Rocks
Kiss- Destroyer
Led Zeppelin- Presence
Styx- Crystal Ball
Rush - 2112
David Bowie- Station to Station

In The NBA, the Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns met in the NBA Finals, and Gar Heard hit the shot heard 'round the world in game 5. If you don't know about that game, it is worth the research. Kareem captured MVP, and Alvan Adams was rookie of the year.

Thanks for playing, lets see how this batch of almost champion Suns perform.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dominates the boards in Condors blowout over Squires

Abdul-Jabbar pulled down 13 defensive rebounds and added 7 offensive boards in the 107-92 victory for the Condors | Box

Celtics fail to keep Alvan Adams off the boards, but still hold on for win over All-Stars

Adams pulled down 10 defensive rebounds and 4 offensive rebounds in a losing effort. | Box

Bob McAdoo dominates the boards in Volunteers blowout over Floyd

McAdoo pulled down 15 defensive rebounds and added 5 offensive boards in the 123-82 victory for the Volunteers | Box

Curtis Perry dominates the boards in Condors blowout over Spice Runners

Perry pulled down 12 defensive rebounds and added 3 offensive boards in the 118-100 victory for the Condors | Box

Randy Smith pours in 36 points in losing effort

Smith scored 36 points on 16 of 26 shooting, but it wasn't enough to lift Bingo Smith Travelin over Tennessee. The Volunteers prevailed, 110-99 | Box

Leaders: PPG

B. McAdoo, Volunteers 29
P. Westphal, Fortune 26
E. Hayes, Madmen 25
F. Brown, Spice Runners 25
R. Barry, Disco 24

Leaders: AST

T. Archibald, Squires 317
C. Murphy, Celtics 294
M. Newlin, Condors 279
J. White, Volunteers 259
P. Westphal, Fortune 234

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