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Season 6 Format
Pick a team that won no more than 3 World Series. You cannot pick a year your team won the World Series. You can take a team that has never been in a World Series also. Your range for the format is 1960 to 2021. Remember, any pitchers that are taken from the 2020 season need to have 75 innings pitched to be a SP. Any pitcher with less that 75IP will be move to a RP. Position Players will need 120AB and RP will need 30IP.
You get a second team from the same franchise with a 3rd place or less finish in their division and it must be a season at least 5 years apart from the season you took. So if you to a 1965 team, you would need to take a team from 1960 or 1970. You also get two bonus players that must come from the two years you selected. One pitcher and one position player. Please remember, NO DUPLICATE BONUS PLAYERS PLEASE.
Below you will find the teams that are eligible to draft:
19 Teams are available.

Draft Order By Standing

1. DukeBlues-2019 Houston Astros and 2019 Christian Yelich - 2014 Houston Astros and 2014 Clayton Kershaw
2. pgfray - 2011 Philadelphia Phillies and 2011 Justin Verlander - 1984 Phillies and 1984 Tony Gwynn
3. Geoge - 2002 Arizona D Backs and 2002 Barry Bonds -2018 Arizona D'Backs and 2018 Jacob DeGrom
4. Majestic44 - 2017 Washington Nationals and 2017 Chris Sale - 1997 Expos and 1997 Larry Walker
5. Taavikirk - 2010 Minnesota Twins and 2010 Miguel Cabrera - 1972 Twins and 1972 Roger Nelson
6. andyczi - 1971 Baltimore Orioles and 1971 Joe Torre, 1992Orioles and 1992 Dennis Eckersley
7. JimMcCoy - 2017 Cleveland Indians and 2017 OF Aaron Judge - 2004 Indians and SP Johan Santana
8. Charlie - 2018 Milwaukee Brewers and 2018 Blake Snell - 1980 Milwaukee and 1980 George Brett.
9. tmcarthur72 - 2015 MY Mets and 2015 Bryce Harper - 1997 Mets and 1997 Roger Clemens.
10. Dommod - 2000 Chicago White Sox and 2000 Pedro Martinez. 1967 Chi White Sox and 67 Yaz

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Congrats to Dommond and his Rockies on a great season. The Rays got hot at the right time.

We'll give it a couple of days before announcing the new season format
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