Live draft Starts Thursday AM @ 7 AM

Draft will begin with 6th round. Time to build around your franchise. Thursday at 7 AM!!!!! Elbows on the clock!!!!
one hour between picks, so get some players predrafted if you will be away, and as always, let me know in draft room if you are preranked, it saves a lot of time....THX!

You can pick any players!!! they dont have to be from your franchise
when draft concludes you can change the players season (unless he is a created player, they only have 1 season).
When draft concludes you can add/drop however you like, you dont have to keep your franchise players.

Back to normal playoff gauntlet, and rules.

Next season some players will test the limit of the PC Hoops Sim... you wont want to miss the debacle of 8 second Reggie, Geico Mutumbo, Chief Destroyer Breuer, and Flopping Luka. it promises to be a Dr. Strange universe shifting season!!!

Generals wake up in titletown!!!

Congrats to disturbed and his Washington Generals as they capture the position change season! There was no answer for finals mvp Wakey Floyd as he continued to destroy the competition.

Congrats to the Arrows on their finals appearance!

Going to add the top 5 players from the nba draft into the pool, their college stats. I may put them all on one team- will let everyone know tonight.

We are losing a few owners after this season- so I will be eliminating 2 teams , the 2 have been dormant for a few seasons now. Bhicks42 is leaving, he runs great leagues but needs to cut down some leagues- I have had to do that recently too. Always welcome back-

Now to get things set tonight- and be ready for the draft to continue tomorrow morning.-thx for playing this bizarre league and having fun with it.


Congrats to the Generals on taking the regular season crown and top playoff seed. Wakey Floyd takes home the MVP honors

8 teams are going into playoffs this season, all best of 7 rounds.

REMEMBER----win a series and you can pick a player from the team you beat. after each round you will get a day to pick a player, from your opponent, and reset your lineup. gonna be a busy off season for some teams! You dont have to take a player if you decide not to.

Here is the way it looks---dynasty gets 7th seed over Peace due to 3-0 head to head.
ROUND 1 matchups
8 seed Peace @ 1 seed Generals
5 seed Bobcats @ 4 seed Rush
7 seed Dynasty @ 2 Seed Arrows
6 seed Cobras @ 3 seed Donkeys

Round 2 matchups
Rush (w/Garnett) @ Generals (w/ Curry)
Donkeys @ Arrows ( w/GHill)

Finals-the top 2 make it to finals!!
Arrows ( with highlight film) @ Generals ( w/Giannis)

Franchise Rosters- still open

Franchise Rosters- if you havent picked, you stil can---pick a franchise and 5 players- no duplicates
round 6 of draft will begin after playoffs are completed

***PLAYER RULES- any player, full season stats
-no duplicate players, player elidgible for your franchise if basketball reference lists he played there at all. if there is a player you want and he isnt listed, pick him and i will add him/her. even pre 1974, or ABA, or WNBA. We are always looking for a new player we may have missed
also, 'franchise' is the entire franchise history- Lakers can choose LA, Minneapolis. Brooklyn can choose New Jersey also, Seattle/OKC, etc...
EX: Kawhii can be drafter a spur/raptor/Clipper--he can use his best season for any of those teams, you choose the season. same for all players
New Gimmicks are Gheorge Muresan Game; Flint Tropics; Wow Yao; ESPN Jalen Rose; Wayoff Draymond Green(a not so great Draymond)
STEP 3. We will begin slow draft for the remainder of the draft. 1 hour between picks.

Team Selection Order (from standings 6/20/22 6 AM) first come first pick, if you miss your time, pick later. round 2 starts after playoffs start.

1. Fosters- Pistons- Cade Cunningham, Isaih Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Marvin Bagley, Bailey Howell
2. Bol- 76ers- Wilt Chamberlains, Charles Barkley, Julius Erving, Maurice Cheeks, Bobby Jones
3. Joes- Pacers - Reggie, Mel Daniels, Mcginnis, Freddie Lewis, Roger Brown
4. Hombres- Lakers- 1951 George Mikan; 1971 Kareem Abdul- Jabbar; Lebron James, Jerry West, Magic Johnson
5. Conqueror- T’Wolves 2022 DeAngelo Russell , Malik Beasley, Anthony Edwards, Townes, Jayden Mcdaniels
6. Monstarz. Sonics— Kevin Durant, Tom chambers, Shawn kemp, Russell Westbrook, James Harden
7. Dynasty- Rockets- Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler, Tracy McGrady, Wow Yao, Steve Francis
8. Tropics- Celtics. Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Kevin Mchale
9. Cobras -
10. Burners Spurs. George Gervin, Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Kawhaii, 1986 alvin Robertson
11. Peace- Bulls. Michael Jordan, Artis Gilmore, Ben Wallace. Mario Bennettt, ESPN Jalen Rose
12. Bobcats- Knicks Patrick Ewing, Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Carmello Anthony, Richie Guerin
13. Rush- Suns - Shaq, Shawn Marion, CP3, Wesley Person, Larry Nance
14. Arrows- Jazz- Rudy Gobert, John Stockton, Adrian Dantley, Karl Malone, Mark Eaton
15. Donkeys-
16. Generals- Warriors - Curry, Mullin, 1969 Thurmond, Robert Parish, Ralph Sampson

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