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Reggie Jackson of the American League All Stars went deep in ASG15.

Off-Season Schedule

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Here's the checklist as we prepare for Season 16 of the AYL
Here is the tentative order of off-season events.

1. Rule 13 Draft Participants are named (8 Playoff Teams & Bottom 8 plus ties)
2. Playoff Teams will name their 5 protected players for the Rule 13 Draft - Deadline Wednesday, June 29th at 9pm Central time.

8 Playoff Teams (with their protected lists)
Texas Rangers - Ivan Rodriguez, Jim Spencer, Kevin Brown, Goose Gossage, John Wetteland
Seattle Mariners - Randy Johnson, Rafael Soriano, Ken Phelps, Nestor Cortez, Jeff Nelson
California Angels - Chili Davis, Kendrys Morales, Don Slaught, Russ Springer, Aurelio Rodriguez
Detroit Tigers - Rocky Colavito, Steve Kemp, Mike Myers, Pat Dobson, Chuck Cary
Cincinnati Reds - Chris Dickerson, Greg Harris, Sonny Gray, Rob Murphy, Gabe White
St. Louis Cardinals - Miguel Cairo, Raul Valdes, Lindy McDaniel, Lee Smith, Rex Hudler
Columbus Clippers - David Dellucci, Andrew Miller, Brian Bruney, Tommy Kahnle, AJ Burnett
Bronx Bombers (not eligible due to special rules for Bombers/Yankees)

8 Teams picking in the Rule 13 Draft, in order of picking (remember no playoff team can lose more than 2 players in the Draft). There is a 24 hour time limit on Rule 13 picks, which does not mean that a team loses their chance to pick, it just means the next team in line is also free to make their pick.
1. Kansas City Royals - Rawly Eastwick (Reds)
2. Houson Astros - Aaron Boone (Reds) (Cincy has lost two and is now off limits)
3. San Francisco Giants - on the clock (deadline is Saturday at 8:30am Central)
4. Baltimore Orioles -
5. Chicago White Sox -
6. Philadelphia Phillies -
7. Minnesota Twins -
8. Montreal Expos -

3. Rule 13 Draft (team with worst regular season Win % chooses first, then 2nd worst team, etc.) Begins following the naming of the protected players.
4. Player Additions/Relocations (players who are moving to new franchises due to AB/IP totals will move, and new players will be added to their respective teams)
5. Special Draft (Yankees and Bombers draft new RL Yankee-only rookies - worst Win% gets first pick in each round)(this draft only happens if a real-life MLB season has just finished - so not this season)
6. Historic Imports may be dropped / signed from the unused Historic Imports list (only 5 players on that list)
7. Rosters to 28. ALL TEAMS must trim their rosters to 28 players. **DEADLINE - tba**
8. Slow Draft - 2 Round Draft for all 28 Teams in order of worst to first (regular-season winning pct.). Worst team picks 1st in both rounds - 6 hr time limit for each pick in Round 1 (3 hrs in Round 2). Pre-rank some players!!)
If you haven't got any players pre-ranked when your time-limit is up, you'll lose your turn. Make sure you only pre-rank players who actually played for your team in real life (except for the Yankees and Bombers who can pick anyone)
DRAFT START DATE - tba (6 hr limit for 1st round picks/3 hr limit for 2nd round picks will be interrupted by night-time hours - overnight grace period will be 10pm to 8am Central time - so whoever is on the clock through the overnight period will have their full amount of time in 'waking' hours - RANK SOME "ELIGIBLE" PLAYERS or you may miss out!

9. Free Agency Opens - All teams may drop and sign players (no-drop rule and franchise rule still in effect)
10. Ability to change a players' season will be turned off
11. Opening Day - tba at 9am Central time (make sure you have your lineups and rotation set)

Season 16 Player Changes/New Players

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Matt Carpenter will join the St. Louis Cardinals, who also lose Luke Voit to the Padres
Here's the list of players who will be joining new AYL teams for Season 16. Remember players need at least 1 season of a minimum of 70 ABs or 30 IPs to be eligible for the AYL.

Players Changing Teams for Season 16 due to AB/IP totals in real life
Luke Voit - going from the Cardinals to the Padres
Didi Gregorius - going from the Reds to the Phillies
Nathan Eovaldi - going from the Dodgers to the Red Sox
Clint (Jackson) Frazier - going from the Bombers to the Cubs
Albert Abreu - going from the Bombers to the Rangers
Mike Ford - going from the Yankees to the Mariners
Gary Sanchez - going from the Yankees to the Twins
Tyler Wade - going from the Yankees to the Angels

Future Changes (If these guys reach the required ABs/IPs with their current club they'll move after the AYL Season we're in)
Gio Urshela - will go from Blue Jays to Twins if he reaches 424 ABs with Minnesota

Season 16 Rookies List (new team in brackets)
Matt Carpenter (St. Louis Cardinals)
Josh Donaldson (Toronto Blue Jays)
Jose Trevino (Texas Rangers)
Isiah Kiner-Falefa (Texas Rangers)
Marwin Gonzalez (Houston Astros)
Miguel Castro (Baltimore Orioles)
Manny Banuelos (Chicago White Sox)
Ryan Weber (Boston Red Sox)
Andrew Velazquez (California Angels)
Nick Nelson (Philadelphia Phillies)

These additions will also mean that the above teams will need to drop another player into Free Agency in the offseason, so that should increase the talent level a bit in next season's draft. Change is good in the AYL. Stay tuned for more as the real-life Yankees continue to make moves. They always do.

Others who haven't yet reached the needed ABs/IPs in a season to qualify:
Ron Marinaccio
Luis Gil
Miguel Yajure
Clarke Schmidt
Chris Gittens

If they reach the 70 AB/30 IP plateau in a future season, they'll be added to the league, but not until that real life season has ended and we have access to their stats for that year.

Season 15 Major Award Winners

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NL MVP Gary Sheffield had a dominant season for the Clippers
Here are the final results of the voting for our 4 major Awards for Season 15:

TIE - Chili Davis (Angels) and Babe Ruth (Brewers) - 6 votes apiece (J.Gallo had 3 votes)

AL Cy Young:
Frank Tanana (Angels) - 8 votes (S.McDowell-5, R.Ford-1, K.Rogers-1)

Gary Sheffield (Clippers) - 9 votes (M.Mantle-5, write-in D.Strawberry-1)

NL Cy Young:
TIE - Sonny Gray (Reds), Luis Severino (Bombers) - 6 votes apiece (D.Gooden-2, R.Valdes-1)

Thanks to those who voted!

LeMahieu in the zone for victorious Clippers

DJ LeMahieu's hot bat helped the Clippers to a 4-2 win over the Mariners. LeMahieu collected 4 hits in the game. | Box

Dellucci in the zone for victorious Clippers

David Dellucci's hot bat helped the Clippers to a 9-4 win over the Mariners. Dellucci collected 4 hits in the game. Austin Kearns of the Clippers had 4 hits in the game. | Box

Mariners fall to Clippers despite Paxton's efforts

James Paxton whiffed 10 batters, but the Clippers managed to beat the Mariners, 4-2. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

G. Stanton, Clippers .2782 HR7 RBI
J. Buhner, Mariners .3332 HR4 RBI
G. Sheffield, Clippers .1671 HR5 RBI
T. Tulowitzki, Clippers .2222 HR2 RBI
T. Martinez, Mariners .3001 HR2 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

D. Solano, Clippers 0 for 19 (.000)
H. Cotto, Mariners 3 for 19 (.158)
J. Manto, Mariners 1 for 16 (.063)
S. Bradley, Mariners 3 for 15 (.200)
I. Suzuki, Mariners 7 for 23 (.304)

Leaders: RBI

G. Sheffield, Clippers 158
K. Phelps, Mariners 157
J. Blanchard, Bombers 154
A. Kosco, Dodgers 149
M. Mantle, Bombers 143

Leaders: Wins

K. Rogers, Rangers 21
F. Tanana, Angels 20
R. Ford-h, Royals 19
K. Brown, Rangers 18
A. Ditmar, Bombers 18

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Welcome to the AYL (All Yankees League)

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Coming soon ... Jay Bruce is set to join the Reds for Season 12
- This is a unique league with some unusual rules, including limited Trades and Free Agency, players must play for franchises they played for in Real Life, a Rule 13 Draft which allows weak teams to steal players from good teams each offseason, and a Lucky Losers Rule for the worst team in each league.
- 28 Teams in the league, including 2 Original Yankee teams called the New York Yankees and the Bronx Bombers. Plus a combination expansion team made up of Arizona, Colorado, Miami, and Tampa Bay players called the Columbus Clippers (named after the Yanks' long-time farm team).
- The Washington Nationals play as the Montreal Expos (Commish is from Canada - Go Figure!!)
- The transactions of the real life MLB New York Yankees are the cornerstone of this league and what makes it unique and fun. Whenever the Yankees make a move in real life, it has a chance to impact teams in our AYL (All Yankees League). Your roster can change significantly based on what the real Yanks do from day to day and season to season.

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