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Tampa Bay

Rays (5-12)  

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Team park
Tropicana Field
RHB: Mild Disadvantage
LHB: Mild Disadvantage
Player OutGames
SP Tyler Glasnow4
SP David Price3
SP Blake Snell2
Player Needing RestWhen?
2B Tony GraffaninoIn 1 game
DH Jose CansecoIn 2 games
3B Jeff KeppingerIn 2 games
OF Bubba TrammellIn 2 games
C Mike ZuninoIn 2 games
8/9@YankeesW 6-3  RGlasnowChandler
8/9@RedsoxL 14-4  RSalePrice
8/9@RedsoxL 8-6  RMartinezSnell
8/9@RedsoxW 6-5  RSnellWorkman
8/8WhitesoxL 1-0  RJohnEovaldi
8/8WhitesoxL 10-3  RHorlenPrice
8/8WhitesoxL 8-6  RHendriksShields
8/8IndiansL 10-3  RBieberSnell
8/8IndiansL 5-2  RKluberGlasnow
8/7IndiansL 5-1  RTiantPrice
8/7@OriolesL 4-2  RHardinShields
8/7@OriolesL 9-3  RMcNallySnell
8/7@OriolesW 3-2  RGlasnowMcDonald
8/6Blue JaysL 5-4  RHalladayPrice
8/6Blue JaysW 5-4  RRodneyOsuna
8/6Blue JaysL 3-2  RClemensSnell
8/6Blue JaysW 4-2  RGlasnowManoah
Trophy Case
 27 League Champs
 24 League Champs
 12 League Champion
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