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Re: Salt Life Ads

3/24 bravo03 Random Chatter 7

I can guarantee I will never purchase anything from Salt Life lol... Read More...

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90's Twisted League

Morning All, Brand New League! 90's Twisted League and already only 1 spots left! This is another great, original and fun league put together by Baberuth and Duke. Pick your franchise from the 19.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Diaz will miss entire season

In m opinion, great job Griff. Thanks Gus. Always with humor. So yes, all is IMO, except for the facts spelled out by Griff of the actual numbers. In my opinion was all I was contending for when any.. Read More...

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One spot open! GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!

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what times will the draft begin

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Re: Best of the Best 1965-2022 need

FULL !!!

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Inconsistent Player Stats (Historical)

Apologize if this has been discussed already, but I am curious as to how players are showing up with different stats (specifically stamina and K/9) in Auto Leagues? I am seeing more and more guys h.. Read More...

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Automated League

3/21 hanson Random Chatter 0

What positions in Auto Leagues should be resigned?

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Re: Re: Performance Limitations

3/21 dgeorgi Random Chatter 23

In Auto League 1138 after only 61 games, Carpenter has 50 (yes that's 50) homeruns !!!!! Now he's currently on slump buster so there will be some slowdown once he comes off. Let's see if that "brick .. Read More...

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Re: Good-bye to Bud Grant

He was a class act a great coach just couldn't win the super bowl but he will be missed Read More...

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Re: 3 teams are open

Giants have been taken,Mets and Dodgers are still open Supplemental draft will run on Monday Read More...

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Re: Re: Gotta love those slugfests lol

That entire 3 game series was lol 1st game they cored a run in the top of the 9th to win 5-4 2nd game was the one I linked above 9 runs in the 9th between the 2 teams for me to walk it off 11-10 .. Read More...

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200,000 Wins

3/18 tjm Random Chatter 0

Congrats to Andy Young on becoming the 4th member of the 200,000 win club in auto leagues. Pretty awesome accomplishment!! Read More...

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Re: Re: MLB Legendary Has Two Openings

3/17 bravo03 Random Chatter 2

Here is a link to the view the league: Read More...

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Re: Looking for MLB Keeper League

I've got two with openings if you want to check them out. I just ask that you stay active in the leagues if you choose to join. https://www.pen.. Read More...

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Re: Thanks!

3/17 Elroy Random Chatter 2

I do try to do that but not enough. I do need more specialists instead of all well rounded players. Read More...

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Need two more!

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Re: Re: Expansion Golden Years League

I'm new to the site, so I can't join a custom league for a few hours. If they're still available then, I'd like to join Read More...

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Re: What would you do ?

Except there are hundreds even thousands of times teams intentionally tanked to take advantage of tiebreaker or seeding rules in pretty much every sport. How many times do NFL teams blow off the last .. Read More...

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looking for team

Just got back. Looking to get 1 more team. New league or expansion team. Thanks. Read More...