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League Reboot

I am rebooting a League. Looking for 10-12 owners. Plan is to put 2022 rosters on teams. Run a offseason and we will be off to the races... If interested please reach out to me. Read More...

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Re: Re: Surprise... Really?

12/5 4bagger Random Chatter 2

So maybe it is finally balancing out.

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Re: Fred McGriff the Crime Dog

12/5 ayj88 Random Chatter 7

All I'll say is that if Kirby Puckett is in the HOF, so should Don Mattingly. Read More...

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gbacci, I'm wondering how the football leagues are doing with turnovers. I know I've seen some notes about too many blocked punts. I'm in a custom 1980 league with bhicks and it seems like there are w.. Read More...

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Re: Who is everyone?

12/5 Govols1975 Random Chatter 151

I'm Nathan, 47 years old and a Medical Laboratory Technologist. Born and raised in West Tennessee, thus my Govols1975 screen name. Just found PC this year, but have always loved sports statistics. Read More...

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Re: Probably going to go mostly inactiv

12/5 Elroy Random Chatter 1

I feel for you. I think that the system is improving but it still needs massive improvement. Maybe the best bet is to take an attorney and a private nurse with you. I hope that you receive the c.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Playoff Rotation

12/4 Elroy Random Chatter 3

Spahn and Sain and pray for rain. Thanks.

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I agree with danfo playing GM is the best point of the game for me to try to improve my team is always fun for me Read More...

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Auto League 885 All Time Greats

12/4 bheald6 Announcements 0

Need 4 more to fill up league

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63rd Season about to start. Join Us.

We've been at it for years and years and now the Yankees are available. We are in season 62 playoffs right now and 63 preseason activities start on 12/6. The rules section is up to date. The presea.. Read More...

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Re: Re: DH

12/2 Elroy Random Chatter 2

Thanks Yank.

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Re: Re: 70's Football Dynasty League

The league is public

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Re: Re: using secondary position

12/1 Elroy Random Chatter 2

Thank you Sincity.

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Re: Re: FYI

A lot of you may have missed it but he did post a video of one of his rants last year , at least I think this is him lol Read More...

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Re: Juiced Ball in Favorite Team League

Disregard that last part of my message then, I mistakenly thought the dodgers had won in 2019. Didn't realize it was Washington that actually beat Houston that year... Oops lol Read More...

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Re: Re: Player Pools

could always have only nfl teams or afl teams in a league setting for leagues 1960 thru 1969 Read More...

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Re: Going for 2

11/30 yankeebb Football Forum 4

There definitely is no situational setting, it’s just what lead or deficit to go for one or two always. Read More...

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Re: Re: So far....not sure what's going

11/30 Sledwards Hoops Forum 3

Thanks so much for the input. I am trying to tweak things and see what I can learn. Going to be a long season! Lol Read More...

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Re: Re: Cheating

11/29 Elroy Random Chatter 32

Thanks Ace LOL

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Re: Re: Some friendly advice

Wow, what an a**hole you are.