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gbacci, I'm wondering how the football leagues are doing with turnovers. I know I've seen some notes about too many blocked punts. I'm in a custom 1980 league with bhicks and it seems like there are w.. Read More...

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Going for 2

11/30 firesalt Football Forum 4

I'm curious why my team went for 2 with less than 3 minutes remaining when two TDs would have tied the game. Instead we go for two twice, fail both times, and lose by 2. Would be great if we had a set.. Read More...

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11/29 markphip Football Forum 2

Not sure how the sim manages the clock but had a game end in an unlikely manner. 0:16 left ball on 2 yard line, no timeouts. They ran the ball and were stopped. Still managed to run another play, a.. Read More...

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Defense Value

Just curious as far as Defenses go, is there a way to tell whether the defense is better against the Pass vs. the run or vice versa? Read More...

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OL and Defenses

11/21 yankeebb Football Forum 1

These are positions that don’t have free agents, unless another team drops a player. The defense I drafted has just two CB. Who plays CB when a 3rd is needed, my bad backup safeties? And if one of th.. Read More...

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Canadian Football

11/20 GusPC13 Football Forum 6

For all you football fans, I know you’ll be interested in hearing that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are about to defeat the Toronto Argonauts to win their 3rd Consecutive Grey Cup (Canadian version of th.. Read More...

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League 308 draft issue

11/18 jamin Football Forum 2

Not sure what happened -- My team was set to be the 1st pick of round 2 (The Bees) and I didn't get my top choice -- You can still see my list of choices if you are logged in as me and I got like my 4.. Read More...

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In auto league 1736 best of 2010s the draft glitched and didn’t give my team a defense during the last round (I hadn’t had the chance to switch my preranks), in the draft results page it says “No pick.. Read More...

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Player Pools

Just curious, Will there be a 70’s auto league? Also are the 70’s the earliest you can get football data imported? Read More...