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When the heck will games start?

Here is the order of events that happen when an Auto League is re-starting:

  • After a season completes, owners have three full days to view the final results.
  • After three days, any owner who has not been on the site in the past 30 days will be removed (non-keepers) or any owner who has not signed at least one keeper will be removed.
  • Quick Draft: Once the league opens for re-draft, there is a 36-hour grace period so all existing owners have a chance to draft. (Keep in mind, even if all teams have drafted, the league won't start until 1.5 days after the draft opened.) After the grace period, nothing will happen until all teams have an owner. Once each team has an owner, all teams have two hours to complete their draft. If an owner does not complete the draft, that owner is booted and the team is open to the public.
  • Daily Draft: Owners can start ranking players as soon as the league re-sets. Once the league fills, the first round will take place. Each round will take place every 8 hours until 23 rounds are done.
  • Once all teams have an owner and all teams have drafted, the games will start in 24 hours. You'll see the approximate time for the first games on the league homepage.

Why isn't my unfilled league on the Join League list page?
Leagues roll onto that page gradually, so don't worry, once older leagues have filled, your league will be shown on that page.

My league was full, but I came back the next day and it wasn't!?
Yes, in Quick Draft leagues, if owners fail to complete the draft, they will get booted, and your league goes back on the Join League page and waits for new owners.

I've been waiting weeks, even months, when will this league fill?
There are a lot of leagues on the website, so some leagues can take many weeks to fill and start. If you don't want to wait, join a new league that is closer to filling. You can be in 20 leagues for free, so there's no reason you can't hang onto your existing team while also joining another league that will start sooner!