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league schedule

Is there a way to correct a schedule for a league that last only 90 days? Read More...

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Viewing results

Is there a way to read through the play by play report of a game before I see what the final score was? Read More...

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Simulating Seasons (ABs/IP limits)

Sorry if this question has been asked 300 times already. Say that I want to simulate a season in a sandbox league. How can I set the SIM so that each individual player only reaches his actual at-bats.. Read More...

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Basketball Out of Position

So I know in baseball, there is a pretty significant defensive penalty for a player in their secondary position. I was wondering if there is any sort of similar penalty in basketball for someone playi.. Read More...

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just my periodic request to add an owner-based "mute user" feature to in-league chat please - would only apply to that owner's chat display, rather than universally; i.e. that user's messages would st.. Read More...