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Probably going to go mostly inactive

So I find myself mostly blind in my left eye it is fixable but I have to deal with the Phoenix VA the worst VA in the country if you don't know about the Phoenix VA it is the one that the Government h.. Read More...

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Surprise... Really?

12/4 4bagger Random Chatter 2

Is it really a "surprise bunt" if the Kenny Lofton is doing it three times every game? And somehow my defense never makes an adjustment and he is successful 10 our of 12 times in a series. Really star.. Read More...

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Fred McGriff the Crime Dog

Wow , I have no problem with any player who gets elected to the HOF , but really , you cant put in Bonds or Clemens or anyone else from that era? It's about time mlb just admits they allowed what was .. Read More...

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Playoff Rotation

12/4 Elroy Random Chatter 3

Do you still have to use a 5 pitcher rotation in post season Read More...

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12/2 Elroy Random Chatter 2

Can any player be used as a DH without effecting the offensive potential? Thanks, guys. Read More...

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using secondary position

12/1 elroy Random Chatter 2

if a fielder is equally superlative at 2 positions like the year willie mays played 1B and OF. will the 1B Fielding be honored or does that defense degrade automatically despite being great ? Read More...

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Juiced Ball in Favorite Team League

11/30 Dark Random Chatter 9

There are 8 players over 40 home runs and 23 players over 30 home runs through 118 games. Read More...

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11/29 REVEJB Random Chatter 13

Given that most/all "cheating" or perceived cheating in auto leagues revolves around trading, I wanted to throw a proposal out for how to handle it. A while back gbacci introduced the league wide mes.. Read More...

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11/29 plpl512 Random Chatter 32

I didn't,t want to make it public, but it wasn't adressed after months of this being exposed... user Broles trading in every single league of his 30 + leagues he is in, with another user MJR as soo.. Read More...

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The rich get richer

Just when I thought the Mariners might be catching up by getting Teoscar Hernandez , the Astro's sign Jose Abreu. Like they need more hitting. Oh well at least the Kraken are playing better than a 2n.. Read More...

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Some friendly advice

11/27 skooler1 Random Chatter 15

It's unfortunate that I should feel the need to post this, but I do feel that I should do so nonetheless In regards to the emergence of a certain troll (Jasonod202), I've come to the realization .. Read More...

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11/27 jasonod202 Random Chatter 14

So the owner of this scam site is making changes to my line-ups and strategies now to sabotage my teams as if the built in sabotages in this assigns numbers based on nothing, non-simulation weren't en.. Read More...

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11/27 pjrosen Random Chatter 7

If “fire” is the chance a player will be better than normal, shouldn’t players also have an “anti-fire” or “cold” rating where they would be worse than normal? Another alternative might be for play.. Read More...

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Best Buy Ad

At bottom of the page - it's incredibly irritating. - The Sheik Read More...

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Joke of a Scam

I have a team with two .800 OPS, three .900 OPS and three 1.000 OPS hitters and it's 15-17 and lost 5 out of the last 7. Max Scherzer on scam/slump scam/buster for me is having his 9th worst season of.. Read More...

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1st time for 1 of my teams

Jake arrieta throws second no hitter in 1 season Read More...

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It's time for a brief interlude ....

Since we are all thankfull we made it thru another holiday , id like to ask a music ? I always liked guns and roses , but I found out this came out 5 yrs earlier , does it sound familiar to you https.. Read More...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of PC and your families! May your day be Happy, Healthy, and Blessed! Read More...

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Historic Football league needs owners

NFL Redux Currently 6/16 teams filled. League is starting in 1970. With a contraction draft for the teams that didn’t make it into the lea.. Read More...

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Nullify contract

Hey Guy, Can you please nullify the contract of Craig Kimbrel, Auto League 34, Best of 2022. Thanks! Read More...

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McAfee alerts

11/20 yankeebb Random Chatter 2

I keep getting these in the past hour or so while doing stuff on PC. I know others have reported this before. Not getting it elsewhere, just on PC. Just now I was simply typing in a league story an.. Read More...

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Long win streak

11/19 wduncan Random Chatter 9

One of my teams just won 38 straight in an ATG and the team is off to a 44-5 start! I've seen some long win streaks posted here but not sure I've seen one that long before. https://www.pennantchas.. Read More...

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SP Injuries

11/19 dgeorgi Random Chatter 10

In Auto Leagues, if your starting pitcher is injured, how does the sim handle it if you have no replacement? Are you better to grab another poor quality free agent or should you stand pat? Read More...

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Hey Math Failures

11/18 jasonod202 Random Chatter 17

If this alleged simulation is basing a Mickey Mantle season here based on his best season ever, it's in all ways impossible, mathematically, reality, baseball, logically that Mickey Mantle could suck .. Read More...

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11/18 dgeorgi Random Chatter 0

Auto League 1353. CRICKETS staff wiffs 25 in season opener. However it took 27 innings. Could be the start of a long season. On the bright side, I should be able to set my slump buster soon !!!!!! Read More...

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Favorite Team ('65-'22) suggestion

11/17 Dark Random Chatter 2

Can we go back to limiting some franchises to 3 seasons for the 1965-current Favorite Team leagues? Seems there are multiple NYY & LAA teams in every league....especially since the 2022 versions are.. Read More...

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1st time

I had 1 team at 9 home runs in a 9 inning game Read More...

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NBA Historic League Opening

11/16 bhicks42 Random Chatter 1

The Dallas Mavericks are open in 1988. They are a playoff caliber team with James Worthy and Clyde Drexler leading the way. We’re in the off-season now but are about to start 1989. Let me know if yo.. Read More...

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Start of the season

11/16 MambaRon Random Chatter 1

When will the first sim be?

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Not A Simulation

11/15 jasonod202 Random Chatter 11

So if I had 2 starting pitchers removed at 80 pitches in the 4th inning after giving up zero and one runs, last week neither injured, it's not a simulation, let alone my settings or any alleged stat t.. Read More...

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Why did he get pulled?

First off, I don't swap L vs L and such with my bullpen, My Reliever Bruce Kison has 60 Stamina, he gets pulled after 59 pitches ( which is not 60) for a LHR who faces 2 RHB and gives up hits to both.. Read More...

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Matt Carpenter

11/15 skooler1 Random Chatter 39

Has anyone else seen his stat lines in Best of 2022 leagues? I think we finally found our Matt Olson 2.0 😂 Hell, there's one instance where he has over 50 HRs..... IN 76 GAMES Read More...

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Probably not a Redsox fan......

....that bought it !! - The Sheik

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Historic NFL League

11/14 bhicks42 Random Chatter 13

The Time Machine Football League is ready to start filling teams with owners. We are starting in 1980 and plan to run through history. You can c.. Read More...

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Opening in NCAA basketball league

We are about to draft for out 6th season. Kansas, les by Wilt Chamberlain, just beat Houston to claim the season 5 title. This is a very fun league, where you draft a school and then populate your.. Read More...

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Slump Buster Options

if a 200 hitter improves via slump buster to 225 ( 20%) does it make sense to leave him in slump buster expecting more improvement or change slump buster to another sub220 hitter? Thanks for any insi.. Read More...

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For a players real stats, what does EN* mean for position players? Thanks in advance Read More...

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How much longer?

Am I going to be tortured by the video box on the right of my screen? Hate the Astros, don't care about them winning, sick of having to cover part of my laptop screen with a post-it. - The Sheik Read More...

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Sim Errors

I'm getting errors when running sims in custom leagues this morning - "We're sorry, there was an unexpected error. Please try your request again later." Anyone else seeing this? Read More...

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Johhny B. Good

Can't stand the Astro's but I've been a lifelong fan of Johhny B Baker aka Dusty.I think this might be what he needed to make the hall. He won a ring as a player and had almost 2000 hits , and he's al.. Read More...

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Drop-down menus not working

11/3 Erfurman Random Chatter 16

On my Android phone the drop down menus don't work right any longer. They appear for a moment then disappear. Read More...

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Football league

Have they started football leagues?

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WOW !!!!

File this one under the old saying momentum is the next day's starting pitcher. And up next for the stros is Verlander. This has turned out to be a better series than it looked on paper. Read More...

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after pitch count

does setting pitchers to after pitch count does this cause a more likelihood of an injury? Read More...

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Short rest

How much Does pitching a starter on short rest affect him during the next start? Even if it is only 1 more day of rest for him to be at 100%? Would you guys suggest pitching my 100rk starter who has b.. Read More...

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World Series and Halloween

I was surprised to learn that this will be the 7th World Series game played on Halloween. I would think that the number of people viewing the game on TV would be significantly less (but not in Philad.. Read More...

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The National Anthem

We probably can all agree that the first game of the series singer was bad but here's one that never gets talked about. Its always about whitney houston or marvin gaye but meatloaf hit it out of the p.. Read More...

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Stat of the day

If Madison Bumgarner makes a start in next years world series and gives up 23 er without recording an out , his lifetime world series era will still be lower than Justin Verlander. Read More...

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Brand New 2022 League

The National Association of Professional Baseball is a brand new 2022 league. Choose from any of the 30 MLB teams and fight to make your team the best! We are using real 2022 rosters. We are doing sta.. Read More...

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The World Series

How did MLB end up with someone who didn't even know the Lyrics and on top of that couldn't even sing well doing the National Anthem - What a friggin joke Read More...

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10/29 bhicks42 Random Chatter 0

Anyone heard from Nap?

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Due to unforeseen circumstances in life and work. I need to pull out of Pennant Chase. This is a great site! I appreciate all of the owners and commissioners here. I apologize for leaving abruptly and.. Read More...

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10/27 Elroy Random Chatter 4

I just had a game where my team popped 50 points in the first period That might have never happened in the NBA. Read More...

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The National Association of Professional Baseball is a brand new 2022 league. Choose from any of the 30 MLB teams and fight to make your team the best! We are using real 2022 rosters. We are doing sta.. Read More...

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1980-1999 league

Has 1 opening. Fayetteville Woodpeckers. Great group of users. Season 6 of current timeframe season 15 overall. Reboot league to new 20 year period every 10 seasons. Woodpeckers have a playoff ready t.. Read More...

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auction old time player league

10/27 bruth Random Chatter 0

are there any leagues where owners have a certain amount of money to auction for old time players? If so, please let me know. bruth. Thanks. I am currently in auto league 1209 all time greats. Rom.. Read More...

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Quick drafts - Basketball

10/25 Elroy Random Chatter 0

Are there ever quick drafts for Basketball like there is for baseball. Also even if it isn’t all players it would be great to have full careers for the legends playing from 1955 to 1974. Wilt, R.. Read More...

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Never thought I would say this

Go Phillies crush the cheatstros and sweep them out of here. As much as I hate Bryce Harper for being a little whiny b____ I hope he hits 9 home runs in a 4 game sweep of the cheaters Read More...

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Can't stand the Astros

But as a longtime dodger fan (b4 m's existed ) I have to root for Dusty to finally get a ring managing. Read More...

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Ranking across different leagues

10/22 Elroy Random Chatter 16

I saw a pitcher have different rankings in 2 different leagues and a great disparity. Same season. In one league he is a 92 and the next a 59. ? Read More...

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2002: "NBA, I Love This Game"

10/22 Potholes Random Chatter 1

We are in the off-season and will be entering the 2001-2002 season. This league mimics the NBA Season with real players stats and draft class. Looking for an owner to take over the Houston Rockets. .. Read More...

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why I quit playing this game

10/20 doughboys Random Chatter 14

I have Tyler Glasnow in a 2022 league. He has a rank of 100 as a SP and a career 3.20 ERA and is 2nd in career wins. For me he is 0-4 in four games with an ERA of 6.40 or double his career avg. My .. Read More...

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defense Utility position baseball

I'm asking about the UT position (utility). Does this mean they can play anywhere? If so, does it take 050% off of fielding? Thanks for your help. Read More...

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Player Rank

10/19 Elroy Random Chatter 7

I have 1970 Johnny Bench and he is ranked 19. How can such a great season yield such a low rank? At 3B I have the greatest seasons of Beltre and Home Run Baker and they get 61 and 59 respectively. .. Read More...

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Robbing Hits

10/19 Elroy Random Chatter 3

I had a game where Ernie Banks saved 4 hits for his team. There ended up 6 hits between the 2 teams. I take it that 4 in one game is rare. Is there a cumulative player stat for this. Read More...

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Not the years best , just best now

Think about this , most leagues are getting ready to incorporate 2022 stats. If you were to compare Philly and LA , its no contest. The Dodgers have a great pitching staff to use and other than nola ,.. Read More...

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2021 keepers carrying over to 2022 rank

10/15 Erfurman Random Chatter 1

Acouple questions on how this works in quickdraft leagues: 1. If I sign a guy who played 3B on my team in 2021 but he's playing 1B in 2022 will I still be able to use him with 3B as his priority po.. Read More...

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Injury Question

10/14 Elroy Random Chatter 8

If you have a player who missed 17 games from injury and played 65 games in RL should one expect that there will be an extreme likelihood that he will miss 15-20 games in a league or can you can be lu.. Read More...

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Real baseball rules ?

I'm sure that someone here on pc knows this answer but I've never seen it hapen b4. In the last Dodgers / Padres game , when the goose was in the shallow outfield , if a batted ball had hit it , would.. Read More...

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Potential for Hitters

I was working on a new league and started thinking about Potential in relation to hitters. So I did an experiment by creating 500 hitters with all the same stats divided perfectly into 100 of each po.. Read More...

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Post game headlines

10/13 Elroy Random Chatter 0

The little summaries are very cool. Gbacci has really made this fun and I salute him. I will be a donor. Read More...

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Openings in NCAA basketball league

Great league entering season 5 You draft a university, then build a team with players who went to school there… while staying under a 60 total win share budget. Commish (me) creates older playe.. Read More...

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My Trey Mancini is Broken

I know guys can have bad years, but I've never seen anyone THIS bad It's a Random Players league so it's not the Level of competition from pitchers either - just really horrible https://www.p.. Read More...

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Player Potential Ratings

What are your thoughts/ strategies for drafting minor leaguers in a custom keeper league? Anything in particular to target or stay away from? Consider 5 players of the same age and rank, but eac.. Read More...

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Starting Pitchers

10/9 Elroy Random Chatter 12

In the league that I am in it is the rare feat when a starter gets to the 5th inning. Top pitchers: They usually gets bounced around and slaughtered. Read More...

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...are gone. 101 wins, and just like that, they're out. Just... wow Read More...

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Fantasy Football

Great day to have Josh Allen on my fantasy team!! Read More...

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Relief pitchers - games out

I have noticed some teams especially those with only 5 relievers on the roster are able to continue to use relievers that would be “x games out” based on previous game’s high pitch count. Question i.. Read More...

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No more ghost runners

For the playoffs it's back to the regular rules , unfortunately that may be the only way someone scores in the Guardians- Rays game. 0-0 in the 15th. I hope mlb gets rid of this stupid rule Read More...

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I am amused

My 104 win team is.........3rd in it's division 11 games back. Heck I am 2 games out of second with 2 to play so can't even get more than a tie there. My top player .328/.404./.603 39 2B 35 3B 22 H.. Read More...

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Auto Basketball

10/7 Elroy Random Chatter 0

I figured out the wave when I found the CPU auto wave. Thank goodness for that. I have 36 minutes for my center. If I raise it to 38 will the B1 center lose the 2 minutes? Also there is a player .. Read More...

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its about time

after 3116 games I finally got a no hitter in the Bad News Bears League talk about a drought, over 18 seasons Read More...

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Relegation League

10/6 Elroy Random Chatter 2

I was looking at some custom baseball leagues and I see the word relegation. What is a relegation league. Read More...

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Baseball Help

Anybody and I mean anybody if you have a chance shoot me a Message and help me understand the Baseball side of PC I’ve been in two leagues for a while and just didn’t get it as fast as basketball. Any.. Read More...

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10/6 dgeorgi Random Chatter 2

A couple of days ago Boone pulls Severeno affter 7 no hit innings. Severeno was upset, as he wanted to continue with his no hit bid. He had a very low pitch count but was removed from a "meaningles.. Read More...

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Who is everyone?

Thought I'd start a thread that would allow everyone to tell us who they are, where they live and how long they've been playing on PC. I'm Drew (AKA The Sheik), I'm 67 yrs old, I live in Victorvil.. Read More...