MLB Legendary: 1999 Edition

Hall of Fame Candidates This Offseason

Three candidates are being put up for consideration for the MLB Legendary Hall of Fame this offseason. As always, these are the players felt worthy of consideration, the league owners will vote to see who gets in. Click the link below to view the candidates and his credentials.

HOF Candidates

Offseason Schedule

Tuesday (6/28) 10:00 PM ET: Deadline to make drops. All teams must be at 26 players maximum on their roster by this deadline. Trades and drops will turn off temporarily until after the supplemental draft process.
Thursday (6/30) 7:00 AM ET: Round 1 of the supplemental draft. Owners can change rankings before the remainder of the draft.
Friday (7/1) 9:00 PM ET: Rounds 2-6 (as necessary) of the supplemental draft. After this draft, all teams will either have 28 players on their roster, or have received 6 additional players (whichever comes first). Trading and drops will turn back on.
Saturday (7/2) 12:00 PM (noon) ET: Free agent signings will turn on and waiver claims can be placed on Free Agents.
Sunday (7/3) 7:00 AM ET: Start of spring training (20 game schedule).
TBA: Start of regular season.

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Supplemental Draft Order

1) Kansas City
2) NY Mets
3) Minnesota
4) Florida
5) San Francisco
6) St. Louis
7) Los Angeles
8) Oakland
9) Anaheim
10) Philadelphia
11) Detroit
12) Cincinnati
13) Baltimore
14) Texas
15) Colorado
16) Arizona
17) Pittsburgh
18) Houston
19) Tampa Bay
20) Cleveland
21) Milwaukee
22) Boston
23) San Diego
24) Seattle
25) Chi Sox
26) Chi Cubs
27) Toronto
28) Atlanta
29) NY Yankees
30) Montreal

Allowed position player changes 1999

Reminder: 1 allowed per team per season. Fielding stats are generally reduced as a tradeoff.
Montreal - John Vander Wal from OF/1B to 1B/OF; played 35.8% of his innings at 1B in 1999
Cleveland - David Bell from 2B(1B) to 3B(2B); was a primary 3B in 2000
Seattle - Kevin Millar from 1B(OF) to OF(1B); played OF in 99 and more than 20% of his innings in OF for career

No hitters / perfect games

Trades involving future prospects or players not currently in the league

2000 - Carlos Guillen to Baltimore from Seattle (Lowe/Schilling deal)

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