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Los Angeles

Angels (9-8)  

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Team park
Angel Stadium of Anaheim
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Shohei Ohtani4
SP Nolan Ryan3
SP Tom Murphy2
SP Patrick Sandoval1
Player Needing RestWhen?
OF Mike TroutIn 2 games
OF Vladimir GuerreroIn 3 games
C Mike NapoliIn 5 games
8/9MarinersW 4-1  ROhtaniGonzales
8/9@WhitesoxW 4-2  RRyanHorlen
8/9@WhitesoxW 3-2  RMurphyGiolito
8/9@WhitesoxL 6-5  RLopezSantana
8/9@WhitesoxL 5-3  RPetersWatson
8/8@TwinsL 4-3  RDuffeySantana
8/8@TwinsW 2-1  RRyanMaeda
8/8@TwinsL 5-2  RBraxtonMurphy
8/8@AthleticsL 4-3  RCoombsPercival
8/7@AthleticsL 8-5  RPlankOhtani
8/7@AthleticsL 5-4  RNelsonSantana
8/7RangersW 9-1  RRyanDarvish
8/7RangersL 4-1  RRyanMurphy
8/7RangersW 10-2  RMayWilson
8/7RangersW 6-1  ROhtaniBlyleven
8/6CubsW 4-3  RRodriguezChapman
8/6CubsW 4-2  RMurphyArrieta
Trophy Case
 20 League Champs
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